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NOTE: Hi all, thank you for checking our GMTK submission. A few players brought to our attention a bug at the end of the first level where the screen glitches out :'( . This bug seems to be inconsistent depending on the computer which is why we didn't catch it until going public; one tip to not get this bug is to try to not touch the spikes in the first level (first level isn't that long). I hope this tip helps, if not, restarting the game should fix the bug. Enjoy the game!

Patched version https://tinyurl.com/superspacebar

For fairness to the voters, you can still download the original version of the game with the "Download" button.


Your powers are out of control! Activating one activates them all! Space does everything, for better or for worse. Learn how to harness and attempt to control your powers through a series of platforming challenges.


WASD : move

SPACE : to do a thing


SuperSpacebar.zip 42 MB


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I dash I win very cool


phenomenal trailer! Can’t wait to play this game!